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Monday, July 25, 2011

Are you a Satan's brother or sister?

It was a Christmas evening. The church was getting ready for vigil mass. People were chit chatting outside the church in the hall way as there was time yet to start the mass. Suddenly, Satan appeared in front of them. He was in black attire with rough face, sharp thorny nails and ruddy eyes. People got scared, screamed and scattered away.

There was an old man sitting at the end of a bench and was reading a book. He had a flat affect. He was neither scared nor paid attention to what’s happening around him.

Satan went to him and asked; “aren’t you afraid of me? All people around you ran away seeing me. You are the only one left behind. ”

"No. I am not” the old man replied.

Satan was bit surprised asked him “why?”

“It’s because, I have been living with your sister for the past 25 years.” The old man said and continued to read.

Though it is a funny story which many of us might have heard, there is a lot to think about it. Are we all this Satan’s brothers or sisters to our near and dear ones? Are we making our home hell, by losing temper, saying offensive words, or watching ugly Medias? If so, it’s the time to change. We should be the role models to our kids. They will automatically absorb all what they are seeing at home just like a sponge. Think our selves; are we spending any time with our God? Are we giving prime importance for Jesus other than anything else in our lives? Do we find some time for Sunday holy mass regardless of all our personal matters? If yes, then we are successful.

The pope Benedict XVI said in one of his mass celebration “we are forced to acknowledge the spread of a secularization which leads to the exclusion of God from life and the increasing disintegration of the family”. The families pray together stays together. Let’s all follow holy family in our lives, and let our children become the little angels to the world.